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Welcome to Ventura County Occupational Medical Center

Effective management of quality medical services is crucial in today’s business world. Quality medical services and treatment benefits employees and helps keep employers competitive.

We believe that . . .

- top quality care and attention speeds recovery and reduces the chance of permanent disability.

- returning employees to work as soon as physically possible is in the best interest of both the employee and the employer.

- in order to prescribe accurate transitional work, the physician must know the details and scope of the modified work available.

We specialize in . . .

- helping companies meet OSHA requirements with programs involving medical management.

- clear communication between the clinic, the employer, the insurance company, and the employee keeping treatment and costs under control.

- QME experience and have a broad understanding of the Worker’ Compensation system.

We are sensitive to the needs of the businesses in managing Workers’ Compensation claims and believe the effective way to reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, is to prevent injuries from ever happening, and we can help.

1901 Holser Walk
Suite 315
Oxnard, CA 93036

Phone: (805) 988-2273
Fax: (805) 981-8281





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